Another Finnegan
Me: Why is this book over
Me: Why couldn't it be longer
Me: What am I supposed to read now
*glances at pile of unread books*
Me: Don't look at me like that


this is the best thing I’ve seen

The faces.

So apt.


Neil Gaiman’s 8 Rules of Writing, a remake of this post. Source.

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Whilst at Staples buying a chair, I was suddenly captivated by a nearby…whiteboard. Suddenly I thought: I could be the kind of guy who has a whiteboard! I could have multicolored dry erase markers- I could write words or numbers or have meetings with diagrams! I could be that guy! That guy is a together adult! That guy can be counted on to make his deadlines and always smells faintly of new car! That guy is a successful young professional. THAT GUY HAS HIS OWN WHITEBOARD. So.


Been following you via tumblr/deviantart/whathaveyou for a bit now, and quite thoroughly it all. Just wondering what other artistes out there [who doubtlessly cannot rock the mustache as you can] you like to follow or stalk? Stephen Kellogg? Tony DiTerlizzi? Trina Schart Hyman? Skottie Young?


THIS is a lovely ask!

They may not all rock a mean stache, but we all know my own stache is just a way of covering up my artistic inadequacies. These cats need no lip-fuzz! I follow TONS of amazing artists, but some favorites off the top of my head include:

Barukurii. I love her work so. so much- the texture and warmth of it all really gets to me…it plucks at my watercolor places.

Tony DiTerlizzi? TOTES BEGOTES. That man is a champion- beautiful character design work.

Let’s be real: Sam Bosma has been on an incredible roll lately, and you should probably be following him BIG TIME.

Fabien Mense is my latest Big French Art Crush. His character designs have such life and energy. Love love love it.

Killian Eng blows my mind. I think there’s something pretty powerful and inspiring about his work.

Speaking of which, Man Arenas is a huge inspiration- his compositions and the sensitivity of his work really make my heart ache.

Enrique Fernandez is classic. Just a champion of hand-achingly artful comics work. 

I have insanely talented friends, and I want to list so many of the people I know, but if I start I won’t be able to stop and I’ll leave someone out and it will make me feel like the worst. SO those are some of the far-away beautiful art-butterflies I gaze at from my little art-cocoon and wish someday to be nearly as beautiful as. Good ask :D

Need to take time to check them all out.



I’m not the only one who sees all these gifs of Stephen Dillane as Stannis Baratheon and thinks he’d make an awesome Sam Vimes, am I?

Indeed you are not! I think the fandom (or at least part of it) discussed this about a year ago (9 months according to the dive I had to make into my archive to find that image).

He has the right sternness and robustness about him, is about the right age and even has the receding hairline.

Honestly, I could support it, but my vote stands:


So, Terry Pratchett?

I’m thinking of reading the Discworld books, but at the same time am not sure because I already have so many books on my to-read list… and also am not certain that I would enjoy it?

Would you recommend it?

Yes. Yes. Yes. A Million times yes. Think of a specific genre or plot-type you like. Or an age-range. Picture book? World of Poo, Where’s My Cow. YA? Wee Free Men. Shakespeare? Wyrd Sisters. Fairy Tales? Witches Abroad. Philosophy? Small Gods. Procedural? Guards, Guards. Political? Jingo. Music? Soul Music. Cop Drama? Night Watch. Military? Monstrous Regiment. Buddy movie? Colour of Magic / Light Fantastic

Do yourself a favor and read Pratchett. Just, if you have to start at the beginning, be certain you have BOTH Colour and Light in your possession. Trust me.

Because it makes sense when I’m this awake.

I keep getting up and walking over to the kleenex, like that will make my nose more reluctant to be drippy - a five step walk to the blasted box.

Surprisingly enough, this does not seem to be working.

Just found my husband’s signed copy of Stardust. The author’s signature is accompanied by a rather diabolical-looking crescent moon…

Just found my husband’s signed copy of Stardust. The author’s signature is accompanied by a rather diabolical-looking crescent moon…